Instructions: Cards

Personalized birtday cards with editable text on the inside. On some of the cards, you can also change the text on the front. No double-sided printing needed - just print once, fold twice, glue if you want and then cut of the excess paper. The cards can be a useful standby when you find yourself stuck for a card at the last minute! Some of the cards are perfect to color yourself.

Personalized birthday cards

Ideas: After printing, fold the paper along the lines. If you are going to use glue - glue first and trim the edges of the paper later.

Card with your own photo and text

You can even design your own card with any image from anywhere on the Web, such as Google's image search. This way, you can create congratulations cards, invitations and thank you cards with everything from Ninja Turtles to The Beatles.

Use any image

1) Start by searching for and selecting the image you want to use.

2) Copy the image url. You can do this in several different ways depending on which browser you use, here are a few examples:

Internet Explorer: Right-click on image and select "copy"
Firefox: Right-click on image and select "Copy Image Location".
Safari: Right-click on image and select "Copy Image Location".

3) Go to the page where you create your own cards

Direct link: Card with your own photo and text »

4) Paste the image URL in the field next to the "update image" and follow the instructions on the screen.

Ideas: Decorate your bookmarks with a nice ribbon. Glueing them on to a stronger paper or laminating them will make them more durable.
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