Simple card with white background


Free printable card! Design your own card by filling in any text you want to include. Select the, font, color and size below. When you are done you can either choose to print your card directly or save as a pdf.



Change the text directly on the card. Font and layout are changed by the options below.
Select the appearance of the front of the card



Select the appearance of the inside of the card

Download and print

This printable product from can be downloaded free of charge for private use, kindergartens, schools and other educational activities. It may not be sold, resold, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose.

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Simple card with white background  | Free printable card
Simple card with white background

Ideas: After printing, fold the paper along the lines. If you are going to use glue - glue first and trim the edges of the paper later.
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Ideas: Decorate your bookmarks with a nice ribbon. Glueing them on to a stronger paper or laminating them will make them more durable.
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