White gift tags you are a gem

Free printable gift tags that you can easily print yourself. Print your gift tags directly or save as a pdf.

We also have printable backsides for your labels. Both with editable text and several different variants of "to/from" labels.


Download and print

These printable gift tags can be downloaded free of charge for private use, kindergartens, schools and other educational activities. It may not be sold, resold, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose.

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Gift tags
Purple pennants with white stripes and A - Z  | Free printable pennant/banner
Pennants to print and hang in the kids room or at the party!
| Purple and white stripes | White stripes | Banner letters |
White envelope with a light blue frame and dots  | Free printable envelopes
Printable envelopes with your own text.
| Ball frame |
Straw decorations: Dotted balloons and text  | Free printable straw decorations
Straw decorations in different sizes with your own text.
| Dotted balloons |
Black pennants with white dots and comic   | Free printable pennant/banner
Printable banners (pennants) for kids rooms and parties.
| Comic |
White neck tags 2  | Free printable neck tag
Nack tags with editable text to decorate your bottles.
Gift tags with light purple chevron (to/from)  | Free printable gift tag
Printable gift tags with a pattern and the text "to" an...
| Chevron-lines | To/from labels |
White card with black skulls  | Free printable card
Foldable greeting card with your own text on the front and inside.
| Skulls |
Glass markers with skulls and text  | Free printable glass markers
Glass markers (glass tags) with your own text.
| Skull |
Orange pennant with white dots 2  | Free printable pennant/banner
Printable banners with (or without) your own text.
| Orange with white dots | White dots |
Placement card with roses 2  | Free printable for Valentines day
Printable placement cards with roses and your own text.
| Floral | Valentines day |
Straw decoractions with rainbow and clouds  | Free printable straw decorations
Printable straw decorations in different sizes.
| Rainbow |
Red partyhat with pink dots  | Free printable party hat
Party hat for any occasion. Print, cut, clue, done!
| Mixed colored dots |
White gift tags you are a gem  | Free printable gift tag
White gift tags you are a gem

Ideas: Decorate your bookmarks with a nice ribbon. Glueing them on to a stronger paper or laminating them will make them more durable.
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